Computer Services

At RNC IT Services, we know that computers go awry often. You may be used to doing something a certain way, and when your computer stops doing that one thing for you, it bugs the crap out of you. Like maybe your screen won't show things clearly any more, or all you can see is blue, or better yet, no matter how many times you take that CD in and out, it won't load into your system. These are common problems with a system, and our goal at RNC IT Services is to make your system work like it did when it came out of that shiny box from the manufacturer, and to teach you how to prevent the problem from happening again.

We offer exceptional expertise in the areas of:

  • Computer Hardware Troubleshooting (You just got the blue screen of death and don't know why)
  • Computer Hardware Replacement (Finding what part died and replacing it with the same part)
  • Computer Hardware Upgrade (You need or have found that brand spanking new video card and need it installed)
  • Custom Computer Consulting (You know what you want, we will help you find it, even if we don't make it ourselves)
  • Custom Computer Building (You found something you liked from Dell, but it's a little expensive and you would like to look at alternatives (We have our own 2 year warranty on our home-built systems))
  • Computer Peripheral Consultation (You know what you need your printer to do, we help you find the best bang for the buck)

We offer many services for the Small Business owner. If you can think of it, most likely we can do it. We teach our customers how to take care of their systems to increase the life, performance, and usability so they cause you the least amount of pain and heartache as possible. You worry about your customers, let us worry about your computer.

Networking Services

Networking at it's best. You just started a business, or you have had one for awhile, and you just got to the point you need to be able to talk from computer to computer without having to email everything back and forth. Or maybe, you have a network, but it's running slow and you want to upgrade it and make it go faster. Maybe you went from having 10 computers to having 30, and now you don't have enough ports to hook them up to.

Don't worry, whatever your problem is, RNC IT Services can handle it. We specialize in the areas of:

  • Network Installation (You need to have cables and hardware installed for a network)
  • Network Upgrades (You have a Network, but it is way to slow and you need more speed)
  • Network Troubleshooting (Your computer no longer can reach the internet or another computer)
  • Network Additions (You just added 20 more computers and need help getting them talking)
  • Network Cabling Arrangement (Ok, so you hired an IT guy to come install a network, but the cables look like a rats nest, or he left them coming out of the ceiling)
  • Network Merging (You just gained the other side of the building, but need the networks to talk to each other)

Every time you come across an issue with your network, it slows down the productivity of the office. Maybe due to much of your business being electronic, or maybe because you had to drag the guy good with printers over to figure it out, and he has been banging his head against the wall for the past hour trying to figure it out. Don't let issues on your network consume you, give us a buzz and we will come and fix it then be on our way so you can get what you need done without having to worry any more.

Software Services

RNC IT Services can offer you many different services in case your software stops working, or needs to be upgraded, or maybe you just got the brand spanking new version of that old dinosaur program that you've been wanting to replace since you started.

Take a look at just a few of the things we can do:

  • Operating System Installation and Troubleshooting (Upgrades too)
  • Malware and Anti-Virus Software Install and Troubleshooting (Everybody need's protection)
  • Virus and Malware Removal (Somebody clicked a link they shouldn't have and now files are disappearing off your computer)
  • Driver Installation and Troubleshooting (OOH Boy, new camera! Why won't it talk to my computer?)
  • Application Installs (Microsoft Office, Office Communicator, Quicken, Firefox, that sort of stuff)
  • Good Free and Low Cost Software Recommendations (when you need software for a particular job, and you know you can't afford the $600 program everyone else is using, but you still need good quality)

If your computer has started slowing down and is no longer acting like it should, we can come and take a look at it to see if it is some weird virus on your system, or maybe your programs aren't working like they are supposed to and are a lot slower than they should be. If it is a Software related problem, we will fix it, or if it turns out your system is due for an upgrade, we can make the recommendations. After all, programs these days are using up more and more resources on your computer (more Memory, Hard Disk space, and Processor Power) so maybe you need to upgrade your system to handle that new software you bought.

In the world of applications, there is a realm called Open Source. Open Source programs are free or low cost. Many of the programs you have become used to also have Open Source versions that do the exact same thing. They might not have the same flash you are used to, but they do the same job. If you need to buy 20 copies of a software package, but can't afford to, we can suggest good reliable Open Source alternatives for you.

Linux Services

RNC IT Services offers instruction and support for Linux OS. If you are tired of paying Rs650/-+ for the latest Microsoft Windows operating system, you might want to check out Linux. Linux is a FREE open source operating system were geeks like us help to build it and make it better. If you want to make the switch to a free, more reliable operating system, give us a call, and we will help you.

We offer Linux Services as follows:

  • Linux Operating System Installation (You want to switch, we get you started with the software)
  • Linux Software Installation (You have a new program, how do you install it)
  • Linux Software Referral (You know what program you used with Windows, now what is the Linux alternative)
  • Linux Custom System Building (We build systems and pre-load them with everything you need) 
  • Linux Server Consultation (You want to know what the alternatives to Windows are in the realm of Servers)
  • Linux Instruction (Getting you to the point you know how to do what you need to do within Linux)

Using Linux can seem mind blowing to some, we make the transition easy for you so you don't miss any work time. Let us help you make the switch to a more reliable, flexible, and totally FREE Operating System today!

Server Services

Servers are the most robust and flexible machines you have on your network. Maybe your business hasn't had the need for one because it wasn't big enough. You may take a look at the word itself- Server- and get bogged down with all the thoughts and worries about the budget required to maintain one. No worries! A Server can just be a beefed up desktop machine running what you need it to. If all your business needs is a place to store all your files in one place, then all you really need is a desktop machine set up with a ton of hard drive space and setup to allow all your computers to access it. Check out below to see what we offer in the realm of Servers:

  • Server Need Consultation (If your business actually needs one, and if so,what you need)
  • Custom Server Building (This is limited to the type of server you want)
  • Server Setup and Installation (You get it, we make it work)
  • Server Software or Service Installation (You have had a Server for a while now, but need something added)
  • Server Troubleshooting (Ok, what's wrong with it)
  • Server Hardware Replacement (Your Hard Drive failed and it need's to be replaced)
  • Server Upgrades (That old processor just won't cut it)
  • Server Alternative Solutions (If it will be cheaper for you to use a service as opposed to maintaining your own machine, we will tell you)

There is a lot of solutions available out there on the internet, whether it be file storage or backups, we can offer a solution to fit your Server needs. If it is more convenient for you to have your own machine, and have physical control over the data and the backups, then we can offer you a solution for your Small Business that won't break your budget. We won't just bring you one option either. We will research all aspects available for your needs, and we will present you with all of them. Even if that includes handing you over to somebody else! How many Tech's to that? If we cannot give you what you request, we will find the next best company to do so! Your satisfaction is our goal, even if we aren't the ones getting the paycheck.