RNC IT Services was founded with the idea in mind that Small Businesses really don't have that much for options when dealing with their network or computer problem. Most of the companies out there that SAY they do small business, are corporation geared and keep trying to make it with the bigwigs, so are not really geared for Small Businesses. They say they have Small Business rates, but they aren't looking to the Small Business needs, That is ALL we do. I have no dreams about someday kicking it with the Big Wigs. All we do is Small Businesses, that is all we will ever do. No corporate contracts, no schmoozing with the big guys.

My goal is to provide affordable, competent services to small businesses that don't have the money to pay the big guys, but need professional assistance with their computers or networks. We will even teach you how to keep the problem from happening as often. How many tech's do that? They walk in, fix your problem, hand you a bill, and walk out. When we complete the project, we will tell you exactly what went wrong, and how to try to prevent it from happening again, before we hand you our bill. 

WE DON'T CHARGE BY THE HOUR! That's right, we charge by the job*. If you hire us to setup a server, depending on the task you want it to perform, we will give you a set fee. That way, if something goes wrong and we have to spend extra time on it, you don't have to worry about extra fees coming into place. Besides, most installs you have to sit there and wait for the Operating System to install all it's little tools and applications. If we were charging by the hour, you look in on us, see us standing around twiddling our thumbs waiting on the OS to do it's thing, and your going to think you been jipped.

We have developed our expertise on smaller networks, and love working with small office setups with 2-10 computers. We've worked on networks with as many as 10,000 computers, but no matter how small your network, we can help you keep it running right. Our experience with non-networked computers is vast as well, including all aspects of making the thing do what it is supposed to instead of wasting your time.  

Help me help you, and contact us today!